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Cate Blanchett to Play Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin-Penned Biopic...2015-09-02 17:40:02 EDT
Draft Biden building in SC...2015-09-02 17:30:02 EDT
RNC circulates 'loyalty pledge'...2015-09-02 17:30:01 EDT
JUDGE: NSA snooping violates rights of 'tens of millions of Americans'...2015-09-02 17:10:02 EDT
Teen charged as adult for 'sexting' naked pic of a minor -- himself!2015-09-02 17:00:02 EDT
FLASHBACK: Hillary's 2008 Ad Called Out Obama for Refusing to Debate...2015-09-02 17:00:02 EDT
SS: No 'selfie' sticks for Pope visit...2015-09-02 16:50:02 EDT
IG REPORT: 900k vets waiting for healthcare...2015-09-02 16:40:02 EDT
Obamacare gives new grants to PLANNED PARENTHOOD...2015-09-02 16:00:02 EDT
Cop denied service at ARBY's...2015-09-02 16:00:02 EDT
NY lawmaker: Ban BIG GULPS for minors...2015-09-02 15:20:02 EDT
Chinese warships spotted off Alaskan coast...2015-09-02 15:20:02 EDT
Aides pushed to access secrets on handheld devices...2015-09-02 15:00:02 EDT
Teen shoots self dead taking 'selfie'...2015-09-02 14:50:01 EDT
ARMS RACE: Kerry Promises Billions in Weaponry to Israel, Saudis in Wake of Nuke Deal...2015-09-02 14:40:02 EDT
TRUMP: Jeb Should Lead By 'Speaking English While In The United States'...2015-09-02 14:40:02 EDT
TOP BRASS: Deal INCREASES Likelihood of War with Tehran...2015-09-02 14:40:02 EDT
Communist Party takes star role in China's war parade...2015-09-02 14:30:02 EDT
Ex-FBI Criminal Division chief fingers Black Lives Matter for cop murders...2015-09-02 14:30:01 EDT
BOOM: Battle for Beverly Hills' $1B Trophy Property...2015-09-02 14:10:02 EDT
O'Malley to hold protest at DNC HQ over debate schedule...2015-09-02 14:00:02 EDT
SURVEY: 15% of men would have sex with robot...2015-09-02 13:50:01 EDT
Dead baby tragic symbol of crisis...2015-09-02 13:40:02 EDT
O'Malley To Hold Debate Protest Outside DNC Headquarters...2015-09-02 13:40:01 EDT
PBS GWEN IFILL: 'Take that, Bibi'...2015-09-02 13:20:02 EDT
Parents seek halt to 48-year-old's gender reassignment...2015-09-02 13:10:02 EDT
Hollywood Communist Hero Story 'TRUMBO' Tales Early OSCAR Lead... 'A Socialist, But Loved Being Rich'... Star Likens Blacklist Witch Hunt to NSA...2015-09-02 13:00:01 EDT
PBS GWEN IFILL: 'Take that, Bibi'...2015-09-02 12:50:02 EDT
Dead Man Found Hanging From Exit Sign On NYC Parkway...2015-09-02 12:40:02 EDT
Czech police haul migrants off trains, 'write numbers on arms in ink'...2015-09-02 12:30:02 EDT
Students Walk Out Of School To Protest Transgender Teen Using Girl's Locker Room...2015-09-02 11:20:02 EDT
Pope to say DC Mass in Spanish in bow to 'Hispanic population'...2015-09-02 11:20:02 EDT
TV in Turmoil: Firings, Recastings on Half of Fall Shows...2015-09-02 11:10:02 EDT
Protesters Hit Baltimore Streets As Freddie Gray Hearings Begin...2015-09-02 11:00:02 EDT
Banks Post Record Profits...2015-09-02 11:00:02 EDT
Talk of 'Big One' shakes quake prep...2015-09-02 10:50:02 EDT
Senate Dems get 34th vote to hand Obama victory on Iran deal...2015-09-02 10:30:02 EDT
Undercover agents testing new 'intelligence collection' tech at Burning Man...2015-09-02 10:20:02 EDT
NASA Building Magnetic 'Tractor Beam'...2015-09-02 10:10:02 EDT
NEXT: Marijuana infused wine...2015-09-02 09:50:01 EDT
Revealed: World's unfriendliest cities... America has 6 in top 10...2015-09-02 09:30:02 EDT
President Prophesies Climate Nightmare: Famine, Floods, Fire...2015-09-02 09:30:02 EDT
Bush speaks spanish at La Progresiva Presbyterian...2015-09-02 09:20:04 EDT
Eurostar passengers threaten to smash train windows to escape as protesters climb on roof...2015-09-02 09:20:04 EDT
REPORTERS TURN ROBOTS: Automation in the Newsroom...2015-09-02 09:20:03 EDT
Somali Islamists warn against 'immoral culture' at hotels, beaches...2015-09-02 09:10:02 EDT
In Nordics, many refugees encounter a paradise lost...2015-09-02 09:10:02 EDT
Pack Of Armed Teens Terrorizing, Robbing Cab Drivers In Philly...2015-09-02 09:00:01 EDT
Hundreds of Eurostar passengers stranded as protesters throng tracks...2015-09-02 08:40:02 EDT
Communist Party takes star role in China's war parade...2015-09-02 08:40:01 EDT
Weiner Defends Huma from Trump...2015-09-02 08:30:03 EDT
Rubio dominates field in Silicon Valley fundraising...2015-09-02 08:30:03 EDT
Des Moines public schools now majority-minority...2015-09-02 08:30:03 EDT
GOOGLE Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Humans...2015-09-02 08:30:02 EDT
Suburban Chicago Cop Gunned Down Was Set To Retire End Of The Month...2015-09-02 08:30:02 EDT
As immigrant influx strains schools, Jorge Ramos sends kids to elite private institution...2015-09-02 08:20:02 EDT
1 in 4 in Houston born in foreign country...2015-09-02 08:20:02 EDT
700 out of every 1,000 UN refugees are resettled in USA...2015-09-02 08:20:01 EDT
Migrants defiant as Hungary blocks train links for 2nd day...2015-09-02 08:10:02 EDT
BOOMBUST: Celebrities Struggle to Sell Homes, Too...2015-09-02 08:10:02 EDT
POLL: Negative views of Hillary near record...2015-09-02 08:10:02 EDT
Man horrifically wounded in acid attack after fight during 'STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON'...2015-09-02 08:10:02 EDT
Crisis Gives Germany Familiar Role in Another European Drama...2015-09-02 08:10:02 EDT
'The system is collapsing'...2015-09-02 08:10:02 EDT
WAR: Three cops murdered in less than week...2015-09-02 08:00:02 EDT
BIDEN HITS THE ROAD2015-09-02 08:00:01 EDT
'Fire selfies' after a jealous rage lead to man's arrest...2015-09-02 00:00:08 EDT
Historical Symbols in Midst of a 'Purge Moment'...2015-09-01 23:40:02 EDT
Documents show Foundation shaped policy...2015-09-01 23:10:02 EDT
STUDY: Every extra BMI point speeds up onset of Alzheimer's by nearly 7 months...2015-09-01 23:10:02 EDT
PAPER: Contained spy satellite data on North Korean nukes...2015-09-01 22:50:01 EDT
School district investigating mass baptism at football practice... 'See how God is STILL in our schools!'2015-09-01 22:40:01 EDT
Director says no compromises were made...2015-09-01 22:20:02 EDT
WWE legend charged with girlfriend's 1983 murder...2015-09-01 22:10:02 EDT
Clinton wrote classified e-mails sent using private server...2015-09-01 21:50:02 EDT
FDA Warns Producers of Powdered Caffeine...2015-09-01 21:50:01 EDT
Chickenpox hits MLB clubhouse...2015-09-01 21:30:01 EDT
SURVEY: 15% of Med Students in U.K. Have Considered Suicide...2015-09-01 21:20:12 EDT
SEIU battles over Bernie...2015-09-01 21:10:02 EDT
Biden to join union boss at Labor Day event...2015-09-01 21:10:02 EDT
Blumenthal admonished Clinton for admitting she was 'tired'...2015-09-01 21:00:02 EDT
MCCONNELL: Defunding a 'no-go' this year...2015-09-01 20:50:02 EDT
CBS Developing Legal Drama Inspired by Gloria Allred...2015-09-01 20:40:01 EDT
Blood moon has some expecting end of world...2015-09-01 20:20:02 EDT
Subpoenas for reporters near in Petraeus leaks lawsuit...2015-09-01 20:20:01 EDT
'CONCUSSION' Film Changed to Avoid Angering NFL...2015-09-01 20:10:03 EDT
Hungary bars migrants from trains; smugglers wait in wings...2015-09-01 20:10:02 EDT
Man who got life for marijuana charge goes free in Missouri...2015-09-01 20:00:02 EDT
GM embryos: time for ethics debate, say scientists...2015-09-01 19:50:02 EDT
WASH POST PAGE ONE WEDS: USA launches secret drone campaign to hunt ISIS leaders in Syria...2015-09-01 19:40:01 EDT
Cop Shot, Killed During Traffic Stop Near Chicago; Manhunt Underway...2015-09-01 19:10:02 EDT
HEART DANGER IN FIZZY DRINKS...2015-09-01 19:10:02 EDT
MEGYN KELLY TOP OF CABLE NEWS...2015-09-01 19:10:02 EDT
'CHINESE BURN' INFLICTS NEW PAIN...2015-09-01 19:10:01 EDT
Livid over crime, Venezuelans resort to mob justice...2015-09-01 19:00:03 EDT
Mysterious 'alien' corpse baffles scientists...2015-09-01 19:00:03 EDT
JEB TURNS UP THE HEAT...2015-09-01 18:50:03 EDT
MCDONALD'S Tries All-Day Breakfast...2015-09-01 18:50:03 EDT
SOURCES: Clinton email markings changed to hide contents, shielding extent of classified info...2015-09-01 18:50:03 EDT
DEFIANT: Judge orders KY clerk to appear in court after she again denies gay marriage licenses...2015-09-01 18:50:03 EDT
Rubio to Trump: 'America is great' right now...2015-09-01 18:50:03 EDT
'Death Cross' Patterns Spread...2015-09-01 18:50:02 EDT
CARLY CLINCH2015-09-01 18:40:02 EDT
Thieves Steal Flag At Former Elementary School, Replace It With Nazi Flag...2015-09-01 17:50:02 EDT

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