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Recent Drudge Headlines from 2013-03-16

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Russia May Benefit From U.S. Missile Plans for NKorea...2013-03-16 21:30:01 EDT
The Story That Started It All...2013-03-16 21:20:02 EDT
'OZ' HOLD #1...2013-03-16 21:10:04 EDT
CARREY NO MAGIC AT BOXOFFICE...2013-03-16 21:10:04 EDT
Iran commander tells Obama 'all options on table'...2013-03-16 21:10:04 EDT
Scientology leader's niece reveals Church secrets...2013-03-16 21:10:04 EDT
Growing Number of States Introduce Bills to Defy Federal Gun Laws...2013-03-16 21:10:04 EDT
Vet who saved many in Iraq couldn't escape demons...2013-03-16 21:10:03 EDT
Depardieu denies he quit 'sad France' for tax reasons...2013-03-16 21:00:03 EDT
Saudi cleric issues rare warning...2013-03-16 21:00:03 EDT
...calls Obama a liar2013-03-16 21:00:03 EDT
Berlusconi clashes with 'stupid' protesters as tensions rise...2013-03-16 21:00:03 EDT
Princess Diana's lover thinks last messages were hacked...2013-03-16 20:50:02 EDT
Obama's White House 'open to the rich and closed to the poor'...2013-03-16 20:50:01 EDT
GALLUP: OBAMA 47%...2013-03-16 20:40:02 EDT
China appoints a woman to one of highest positions...2013-03-16 20:40:02 EDT
Dems step back from Ashley Judd for Senate drive...2013-03-16 20:40:02 EDT
Independence Party Rises in UK...2013-03-16 20:40:01 EDT
Kissinger Sees Little Hope for Mideast Peace...2013-03-16 20:30:02 EDT
Cruz: 'Count Me a Proud Wacko Bird'...2013-03-16 20:30:02 EDT
NRA gearing up to oppose UN gun treaty...2013-03-16 20:30:02 EDT
Argentina Debates Pope's Political Past...2013-03-16 20:30:01 EDT
VIDEO: Feds Swarm Chicago Train After Detecting 'Nuclear Risk'...2013-03-16 20:20:03 EDT
DEUTSCHE BANK: 'Only Jesus can save Eurozone'...2013-03-16 20:20:02 EDT
NFL player injured in hot air balloon crash...2013-03-16 20:20:02 EDT
Senate 'Hair Care Services' cost taxpayers $5 million over 15 years......2013-03-16 20:20:02 EDT
Mayor Calls For Probe After 'Being White In Philly' Article...2013-03-16 20:20:02 EDT
Opposition Grows Over GOOGLE Glass...2013-03-16 20:20:02 EDT
Feds ALREADY Spend $30.5 Billion More in First 5 Months Than Previous Year...2013-03-16 20:10:04 EDT
Palin Takes a Big Gulp...2013-03-16 20:10:04 EDT
Coulter blasts Rubio, 'endless Bushes' on immigration...2013-03-16 20:10:04 EDT
Bozell Blasts GOP Leaders: 'You Are Not What You Promised To Be'...2013-03-16 20:10:04 EDT
'2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA' Filmmakers Planning Sequel...2013-03-16 20:10:04 EDT
Senate 'Hair Care Services' cost taxpayers $5 million over 15 years......2013-03-16 20:10:04 EDT
CPAC STANDS WITH RAND2013-03-16 20:10:03 EDT
US scraps final phase of European missile shield...2013-03-16 11:50:06 EDT
Lawmakers consider allowing beer to be sold in 'juice' pouches...2013-03-16 11:50:06 EDT
Man to visit 788 FACEBOOK friends in person...2013-03-16 11:50:06 EDT
Bill Maher to liberals on CA taxes: 'You could actually lose me'...2013-03-16 11:50:03 EDT
REVEALED: Tax liens against bankruptcy lawyer tapped to fix Detroit's finances...2013-03-16 11:40:02 EDT
Passenger's body found in elevator shaft at Tampa airport...2013-03-16 11:30:01 EDT
'Let's say you magically put me in the White House'...2013-03-16 11:20:02 EDT
Ben Carson...2013-03-16 11:10:03 EDT
Sarah Palin...2013-03-16 11:10:03 EDT
Ted Cruz hits CPAC...2013-03-16 11:10:02 EDT
Body will NOT be embalmed...2013-03-16 10:40:04 EDT
Hugo Chavez' coffin parades past slums he left behind...2013-03-16 10:40:04 EDT
STUDY: Men Who Prefer Bigger Breasts Are More Sexist...2013-03-16 10:30:02 EDT
POPE MEETS THE PRESS2013-03-16 10:10:03 EDT
Tourist gang-raped while camping in India with husband...2013-03-16 10:00:05 EDT
CHICAGOLAND: 9-year-old charged in MCDONALDS armed robbery, carjacking...2013-03-16 10:00:04 EDT
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