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Recent Drudge Headlines from 2012-12-08

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Chavez says cancer back, plans surgery...2012-12-08 22:20:01 EDT
Brain 'pacemaker' to treat Alzheimer's...2012-12-08 21:10:02 EDT
Russia, China alliance wants greater govt voice in Internet oversight...2012-12-08 21:10:01 EDT
Rubio: 'Tax Increases Will Not Solve Our $16 Trillion Debt'...2012-12-08 21:00:03 EDT
CHOICES, CHOICES2012-12-08 21:00:02 EDT
Crist joins Dems: What drives political chameleon?...2012-12-08 20:50:02 EDT
Beijing and Shanghai each have more multi-millionaires now than Los Angeles...2012-12-08 20:50:01 EDT
Navy sends 2 more warships for NKorean missile launch...2012-12-08 20:30:02 EDT
ObamaCare taxes poised to hit next month...2012-12-08 20:30:02 EDT
Killer typhoon TURNS BACK towards Philippines!2012-12-08 20:30:02 EDT
NFL nightmares...2012-12-08 20:30:01 EDT
Miami Art Basel Sales To Tops Billions...2012-12-08 20:20:02 EDT
Doomsayers await the end of world...2012-12-08 20:20:02 EDT
'X-FACTOR' FINISHED IN UK? Viewers have deserted in droves...2012-12-08 20:10:02 EDT
Grim budget realities to limit Obama plans in second term...2012-12-08 20:10:01 EDT
Egypt's president cancels decree that sparked protests...2012-12-08 20:00:02 EDT
McAfee wants to return to USA...2012-12-08 20:00:01 EDT
Had Prior DUI Arrest...2012-12-08 16:30:02 EDT
Dallas Cowboy dies in fatal car accident...2012-12-08 16:20:01 EDT
Teammate charged with intoxication manslaughter...2012-12-08 16:00:03 EDT
Dallas Cowboy dies in fatal car accident...2012-12-08 16:00:02 EDT
REPORT: Muslim Brotherhood's torture chambers...2012-12-08 14:40:01 EDT
Flashback: Students strike against Michelle Obama rules...2012-12-08 14:00:03 EDT
Iran condemns US nuclear test...2012-12-08 13:50:02 EDT
Berlusconi says will run for Italian leadership again...2012-12-08 13:50:02 EDT
Syria warns how REBELS may use chemical weapons...2012-12-08 13:50:02 EDT
Killer typhoon TURNS BACK towards Philippines!2012-12-08 13:50:02 EDT
Martial Law?2012-12-08 13:40:02 EDT
Obama Team Outlines Inaugural Donor Packages...2012-12-08 13:40:02 EDT
007 SHOCK: 'SKYFALL' Tops Twilight For #1...2012-12-08 13:40:01 EDT
REPORT: Syrian Rebels Test Chem Weapons On Rabbits As Warning To Civilians...2012-12-08 11:40:03 EDT
Teen Steals iPhone Off Quadriplegic Man's Wheelchair...2012-12-08 11:40:01 EDT
STUDY: Gossip Makes Up 90 Percent Of Workplace Conversations...2012-12-08 10:20:03 EDT
REPORT: Feds Probing Chicago Police Interrogation Tactics...2012-12-08 10:20:03 EDT
VIDEO: Handcuffed Suspect Rolls Down Window, Slides Body Out, Steals Police Car...2012-12-08 10:10:02 EDT
Cop shoots, kills suspected shoplifter...2012-12-08 10:10:02 EDT
REPORT: Snow delays launch...2012-12-08 10:10:02 EDT
NYC Subway 'Monster' Heard Voices in Head...2012-12-08 09:50:02 EDT
STARBUCKS under fire in UK for 'tax avoidance'...2012-12-08 09:50:02 EDT
Mutilated bodies found in potato chip delivery truck in Mexico...2012-12-08 09:50:02 EDT
PSY: So Sorry!2012-12-08 09:50:02 EDT
Judge rejects bid to block 'stoned driving' rules...2012-12-08 09:50:02 EDT
Ag Secy: Rural America becoming 'less and less relevant'...2012-12-08 09:00:02 EDT
Senate votes to exempt animals used in movies and television from protections under Animal Welfare Act...2012-12-08 08:40:02 EDT
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