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Recent Drudge Headlines from 2012-05-03

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Clooney's Obama Fundraiser to Collect Record $12 Million...2012-05-03 22:10:02 EDT
PAPER: Secret plan to create 'super-powerful EU president'...2012-05-03 22:00:01 EDT
Airport hires cheerleaders to soothe passengers...2012-05-03 21:40:01 EDT
UPDATE: Arrest made in black-mob attack on whites...2012-05-03 21:30:02 EDT
Spain's poorest region suffers 32% unemployment...2012-05-03 20:00:02 EDT
Al-Qaida memo praises ABC and CBS... MSNBC ' good and neutral' until it fired Keith Olbermann...2012-05-03 20:00:01 EDT
Mouth spray -- that gets you drunk in seconds!2012-05-03 19:50:02 EDT
Man who dressed as dead mother guilty of fraud...2012-05-03 19:50:02 EDT
House committee mulls Holder contempt resolution...2012-05-03 19:50:02 EDT
BRUNI LOOKS A MESS...2012-05-03 19:40:03 EDT
Sleeping with the fish...2012-05-03 19:40:02 EDT
BEST BUY Employee Wrongly 'Outed' Denver Man...2012-05-03 19:40:02 EDT
All Tied Up in wing States...2012-05-03 19:30:02 EDT
Romney team sees path to winning presidency...2012-05-03 19:20:03 EDT
Israel gets 4th nuke-capable German submarine...2012-05-03 19:10:02 EDT
Student's ordeal in DEA jail sparks outrage...2012-05-03 19:10:02 EDT
Journalists being killed at 'astonishing pace'...2012-05-03 19:00:02 EDT
Missiles deployed in London park...2012-05-03 19:00:02 EDT
Military commanders warned to get troops in line...2012-05-03 19:00:01 EDT
Thieves stealing manhole covers in NYC...2012-05-03 18:50:02 EDT
100 more former NFL players sue over head injuries...2012-05-03 18:50:02 EDT
GOOGLE, authors go head to head over digital books...2012-05-03 18:50:01 EDT
UK military on charm offensive over Olympic missiles...2012-05-03 18:40:03 EDT
Sarkozy's chances fade two days before French runoff...2012-05-03 18:40:03 EDT
Medical pot crackdown hits upscale Santa Barbara...2012-05-03 18:40:03 EDT
Obama administration urges freer access to cellphone records...2012-05-03 18:40:02 EDT
Young Italians flock to become shepherds...2012-05-03 18:30:02 EDT
Dubai plans to build underwater hotel...2012-05-03 18:30:02 EDT
Bin Laden supported Arab spring...2012-05-03 18:30:02 EDT
Obama under fire...2012-05-03 18:30:02 EDT
Panetta: Climate change a national security threat...2012-05-03 18:20:03 EDT
Woman discovers cocaine hidden in tampons purchased at Salt Lake City store...2012-05-03 18:20:03 EDT
Chinese Activist Makes Plea to U.S. Congress...2012-05-03 18:20:02 EDT
Calls into emergency Congressional hearing...2012-05-03 16:50:02 EDT
UPDATE: STARBUCKS apologizes for not accepting WH reporter's $50 bill...2012-05-03 16:50:01 EDT
Big Labor sells its only college...2012-05-03 16:40:01 EDT
ROMNEY: 'Day of shame'...2012-05-03 16:20:02 EDT
CHARGE: US conveyed Chinese threat against wife...2012-05-03 16:20:02 EDT
REPORT: Hilter took sex injections, craved cocaine...2012-05-03 16:20:02 EDT
FACEBOOK aims for $96b...2012-05-03 16:20:02 EDT
Water Bottle Leads to Suspect in Biggest Drug Heist in History...2012-05-03 15:10:01 EDT
'IDOL' REMAINS #1 SHOW ON TV...2012-05-03 15:00:03 EDT
UPDATE: Forest Service to use hand saws to hack up the icy cow carcasses...2012-05-03 15:00:03 EDT
REPORT: Company puts lien on Michael Jordan's new home...2012-05-03 15:00:03 EDT
PEPSI brings back Michael Jackson for new ad push...2012-05-03 15:00:03 EDT
L.A. program offers healthcare for illegal restaurant workers...2012-05-03 15:00:02 EDT
Water Bottle Leads to Suspect in Biggest Drug Heist in History...2012-05-03 14:50:02 EDT
PAPER: Why it matters that Obama dated a composite and ate a dog...2012-05-03 14:50:02 EDT
Gov't seeks more than 1,700 secret warrants...2012-05-03 14:40:01 EDT
GOV'T MOTORS' $1B PROFIT -- TAX FREE!2012-05-03 14:00:02 EDT
FLASHBACK: Sheltered from taxes for 20 years?2012-05-03 14:00:02 EDT
'Sweetheart deal'...2012-05-03 14:00:02 EDT
15 years after mass suicide, 'Heaven's Gate' website still active...2012-05-03 13:30:02 EDT
Cemetery installs solar panels to power mausoleum...2012-05-03 13:30:02 EDT
Americans flee banks for home safes...2012-05-03 13:20:02 EDT
WSJ: 'Jobs Picture Isn’t Pretty'...2012-05-03 12:10:01 EDT
Rand Paul Launches Campaign to End TSA...2012-05-03 10:30:01 EDT
Cause unknown...2012-05-03 10:20:02 EDT
Residents fear chemical attack...2012-05-03 10:20:02 EDT
'Chlorine smell' in Tel Aviv...2012-05-03 10:20:01 EDT
NZ drinking game 'possum': Drink till you fall out of a tree...2012-05-03 10:10:02 EDT
CELEBRATION CONTINUES: WH declassifies bin Laden docs...2012-05-03 10:00:02 EDT
12 Girls Haul Teenagers Off Subway by Hair, Steal Cell Phone...2012-05-03 09:10:02 EDT
Contempt proceedings against Holder advance in House...2012-05-03 09:10:02 EDT
Hillary ignores...2012-05-03 08:10:02 EDT
Romney mocks Obama 'Forward' slogan; 'What, over the cliff?'2012-05-03 07:40:02 EDT
AP: Unemployment rate under 8% by Election Day...2012-05-03 07:40:02 EDT
Grandfather 'Had High Cheekbones Like All the Indians Do'...2012-05-03 07:40:02 EDT
WARREN: I called myself Native American to make friends...2012-05-03 07:40:01 EDT
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